Since the pandemic, the foundation activity has been very low key. For the past two years we have looked for other programs to support, that focus on children, their families and the children’s education. We will continue to support identified programs through 2024, where we are able to. We plan to search for and apply for a couple grants in 2024 to restart our efforts to support parents and their involvement in their children’s education.

In 2020/21 we were planning to have two health fairs in rural Alabama, but the Virus pandemic forced us to cancel all planned events. We did partner with an organization named Comp-u-dopt ( and we were able to support giving 15 computers in December to a community school, Moten Elementary, in the 7th district ward of Washington DC. These were given to children in one of the most vulnerable communities in the district, to support those children in being able to work virtually from home to continue their education during the pandemic.

Our Son Darryl was there to be a part of the distribution. This was his comment:

“The distribution was a huge success! Families were elated to receive the laptop along with other small gifts that the school organized. There were many unique stories of how much of a burden it has been to not have the adequate amount of electronic devices in the home for the children to attend school while the parents work.
The donations certainly were a positive impact and a boost of morale going into this new school year!
Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to working with you in the future!.
Darryl Wilson”

We hope all are safe and well and we look forward to a much better year in 2021!

Thank you for your continued support.

Past Event’s

2019-2020 will be focused on fundraising through grant writing to support a series of programs in 2020 to address key health issues in rural communities.
We currently have one grant completed and submitted and are working on two more. There is a possibility of one small health event in Fayette, Alabama before the end of the 2019. We will post it once we have worked it out.

July 9-13, 2018 STEAM camp to be held in Hampton, Virginia for selected individuals. This was a pilot camp funded by the Freeman Foundation and will hopefully be developed into an annual summer program working with other agencies for the targeted population.

Fundraiser-for Alabama Parents October 2017
The goal of the fundraiser was to raise money to buy “Bright By Three” parent kits ( and to provide free training by trainers locally on the use of the kits that will assist selected parents in the west Alabama communities in executing developmentally appropriate practices for children ages 0 through 3. The foundation would like to train 20-30 parents every 3-4 months.
Gold sponsors…$1500 or more
Silver Sponsors.$1000 to Gold
Sponsors……….. $500 to Silver
Friends………….Less than $500

Conference presentations: 2016

CIES – Comparative and International Education Society

Presenter: Clancie Wilson, Ph.D.
March, 2016 Vancouver, Canada
Education: From Research to Practice: Who Benefits?

Visit the publications section of this website for the presentation

The Directors of the JL Freeman Foundation participated in the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) one day free clinic on July 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center for those in the area who have no or limited access to health care. We hope to support this initiative annually. Please click here for more information.

Our Juneteenth Event occurs as funding allows.

Below are details of our last Juneteenth event held in June 2012.


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