Sunset to Sunrise

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This book, Sunrise to Sunset continues the theme of travel by providing numerous nature scenes that take children on a vicarious voyage from sunrise to sunset. A voyage depicting beautiful nature scenes that could be elaborated on by discussing the purpose and or function of each landscape captured in the photograph. It is also the aim that this book will increase children’s curiosity about the world they live in, and amplify, for older children, their critical thinking skills. Amplify by encouraging them to respond to posed questions regarding the scenery visible in each photograph. For example, what time of the year might this picture illustrate? Where have you seen a waterfall? Or would you like to see a waterfall? What is a prairie and why do they exist? Why do rainbows exist? This book could be used as picture book for infants, toddlers and preschoolers as well as stimulate conversations for older children. It is hoped that the captions and scenic photographs captured by Kangming Ma, Ph.D. will allow individuals who are unable to travel extensively, to appreciate a country’s natural beauty.


About the Author

Clancie Wilson, PhD, grew up in rural Alabama and envisioned traveling, teaching young children and seeing amazing new sights around the world. Her career as a Peace Corp volunteer enabled her to begin her journey. When the Peace Corp volunteer days ended she focused on obtaining post graduate degrees in Early Childhood Development and Developmental and Educational Psychology. After attaining her degrees, her teaching assignments in public schools and higher education afforded her opportunities to work with children in different settings and to support the development of others teaching children. This children’s book represents her continued deep commitment to the development of children’s learning experiences using creative approaches. Clancie is currently the Executive Director of the Joseph and Lauretta Freeman Foundation.


About the Photographer

Kangming Ma, PhD, is presently an Assistant Professor at Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia. Dr. Ma has written numerous publications, and has also been a co-Scriptwriter, co-producer, translator and cinematographer for documentaries and films.


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