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The Joseph and Lauretta Freeman Foundation’s mission is to provide healthcare advice on nutrition, prescription drug information and counseling to families who may be at risk or suffer from various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure in rural and urban communities. The Foundation will also provide guidance and support on patient’s rights, as well as Surrogate Support.” Surrogate support for individuals needing medical assistance/advanced care and may be overwhelmed and or unfamiliar with medical terminology and may desire an individual to accompany him or her to the health care provider to ask questions or interpret information provided by their healthcare providers.
Additionally, the foundation and its associates can provide guidance on medication therapy management and early childhood development issues.


In 2014 the foundation began recommending activities, healthy food items, home environment arrangements that promote learning for children (particularly for lower resource children) as well as provide guidance for “Parental Involvement teaching and school involvement strategies” that encourages children’s cognitive, social emotional and physical learning.

The Joseph and Lauretta Freeman Foundation is a (501)c(3) not-for-profit foundation, organized exclusively for charitable and community awareness purposes. JLF was founded by Clancie F. Wilson Ph.D., and began as an idea to offer health fairs within communities as a way to channel free noteworthy information to families and elders. In 2003, her passion led her to offer the first health fair in Fayette, Alabama, where she grew up. These health fairs include educational workshops on healthy cooking practices, blood pressure and glucose testing and management, cholesterol management and professional consultation on medication therapy management. The health fairs also attempt to deliver information on the most common and/or requested healthcare topics posed by the communities. In 2007, JLF was founded by Dr. Wilson in honor of her parents, who were very active in creating a strong community through education. Dr. Clancie Wilson, her siblings and her family continue the work of their parents through their support of and contributions to the Foundation.

We strive to utilize the expertise of “Friends of JLF” to grow and support the current mission. These “Friends” are individuals with expertise in the practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law and general healthcare management, and have committed to donating their time and knowledge to the community through their support of the health fairs. It is our goal to continue growing our friendship base in the areas that concern you most and will best serve our JLF community of communities. Additionally, other “Friends” may contribute money and needed resources to help the Foundation reach people in the targeted communities with this valuable information, training and support.

If you would like to become a “Friend” or are interested in supporting the Foundation, and may want additional information, please contact us.

The Joseph and Lauretta Freeman Foundation

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 3209
Hampton, VA 23663
(5048 County Road 12
Fayette, Ala. 35555)
617-834-5935 (mobile)

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The Directors:

Clancie Wilson, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Founder

Michael Leven, M.D.
Director and Board Chair

Stella McCollum

Marvin Wilson, MM, CMC
Program Director

Alexander Wilson, Pharm.D.
Medication Management Advisor

Peart Design Group
IT consultant