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The book: YOU ARE YOU by Clancie Wilson, Ph.D. attempts to connect home and school in a healthy way. This book not only encourages children to embrace individual differences between themselves and others, but serves as a teaching tool between home and school. As the questions and topic may offer parents a glimpse into the questioning techniques teachers introduce students to in their classroom as well as afford parents with the type of independent thinking expected of students from teachers. Additionally, this book will introduce parents to “at home” teaching techniques that facilitate children’s adjustment to school and extends their learning at home.

Each page of the YOU ARE YOU book points out unique ways to engage children in critical thinking about events, culture, geography, and self.

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You are you-lesson plan pageYou are You Lesson Plan.

The book: You Are You attempts to connect home and school in purposeful ways. This book not only encourages children to embrace individual differences between themselves and others, but is intended to serve as a teaching tool that could help bridge the gap between home and school learning. As the questioning techniques and topics covered offer parents insight into the learning format occurring in school—highlighting continuity and bidirectional understanding. These lesson plans integrate Multiple Intelligences instruction put forth by Howard Gardner as well as the integrated curriculum teaching techniques (a way of connecting a specific topic with other subjects). Therefore, each lesson plan is devised to provide instruction to children with differing learning styles. Additionally, these lesson plans are developed to assist teachers (supplemental lessons), after school instructors, as well as involve parents with their children’s academic learning at home (homework for parent to use afterschool or for additional weekend study). Moreover, these plans may also benefit parents by offering them a preview into questioning techniques used by teachers. It is my hope that the You are You book and sample lesson plan suggestions will aid in promoting independent and critical thinking. Lesson plans promoting critical thinking that connects home and school learning in similar ways, thereby, providing a venue for strengthening the connection between these two entities.

Also, keep in mind that these are only examples of lesson plan suggestions that are related to questions or statements by each child in the You Are You book. Lesson plans can be modified for personal use and to accommodate age appropriateness.

Further, the addition of educational standards (if relevant) and assessment are left to your discretion.

If you have an  interest in the You are You lesson Plans, please use the contact form to let us know.

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